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Michael Nettemeyer

Michael Nettemeyer
314-761-4057 (Mobile)
636-534-8381 (Office)
Michael Nettemeyer is the ambitious founder and leader of The Nett Group. A St. Louis native, Michael was raised in the real estate industry learning aspects of the business from his mother. In five years, the Nett Group has grown exponentially to become one of the preeminent real estate teams in the St. Louis Area helping over 150 families buy and sell real estate in Missouri in 2014. The Nett Group was the number one team for the “2014 Residential Real Estate Awards”. Michael's commitment to his clients and his business has earned him international recognition as one of the innovative leaders in real estate.

Michael has built an organization dedicated to making sure that specialists assist his clients during every aspect of the transaction. For the price of one real estate agent you are getting individual experts in selling, buying, marketing, customer service, outbound prospecting, negotiations and handling your contract from start to finish. Really you are getting five times the service at no additional cost!

Michael's innovative approach to sales and marketing has already garnered attention from teams all over the United States and Canada that listen to him speak and teach to learn the secret to his success. Let him put those secrets to work for you.

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